Rusty Rhinos



The Vehicle

Our 1963 Ex-Military Land Rover Series 2A SWB, affectionately known as Red, is now over 50 years old. Red was registered for civilian use in 1972.

Red has been used on 3 our of the last 4 Rusty Rhinos rallies. The last 3 rallies have all taken place in different parts of the Sahara desert in North Africa, so heading east will see us take Red on new terrain.

Red in Morocco
Red in Morocco during the Moroccan Rally 2012

Red - Specification and Statistics

Engine: 2.25 Litre Petrol

Power: 70 BHP

Top speed: 65MPH with some tailwind

Creature comforts: Comfy seats, tailored sound system, infrared night light and cup holders

Rallies to date: Three - Saharan Rally 2009, Moroccan Road Trip 2010, Moroccan Rally 2012

Rally miles to date: Over 17,000 rally miles

Critical failures: Chassis snap on Moroccan Road Trip 2010 and engine failure on Moroccan Rally 2012 (1st attempt) resulting in first rally attempt being abandoned and being reattempted 3 months later.

Fastest recorded speed: Around 70 miles an hour going down a steep hill.

Red in the Western Sahara

Red in the Western Sahara during the Moroccan Rally 2012

Red in Morocco

Red in the Moroccan Road Trip 2010

Red in Tunisia

Red in Tunisia

Red in Algeria

Red in Algeria during the Saharan Rally 2009